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Massimiliano Franciosa
1. 48 hours
A successful lawyer with neurodegenerative disease decides to resort to assisted suicide in Switzerland. A young journalist is involved in this journey to document this choice.
Pansy (pansy)
Fabrizio Nardocci
2. Pansy (pansy)
Anna is a woman with a past marked by violence caused by those who had to give her love and protection.
The Salesman
Gianluca Viti
3. The Salesman
Christmas Eve. Livio Ui, salesman, has an appointment at Mr. Venturi's house to close a particular deal.
The sense of cocoa
Alberto Utrera
4. The sense of cocoa
  • Duration: 19'42 ''
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Gender: Documentary
  • Tag:
Jordi Roca uses cocoa to recover the sense of taste of people who have lost it through their memories.
Plus one
Abdullah Sahin
5. Plus one
Let's see some mimics of Fuat's face.